Both parties agreed to cut 5 trillion won in next year's budget

Both parties agreed to cut 5 trillion won in next year's budget, slightly more than 1 percent of the total government budget of 470 trillion won. Given the fact that the Korean party pledged to cut 20 trillion won before the budget review, the Democratic Party is said to have been "preempted." In the comprehensive real estate tax, which was one of the conflicts between the two parties, the two parties decided to reduce the tax ceiling on two houses from 300 percent to 200 percent, but the government and the ruling party also succeeded in defending their real estate policy. "Even if the comprehensive real estate tax is changed due to the bipartisan agreement, it will be collected less than 400 million won from the original bill," said a source from the Strategy and Finance Committee. The South Korean party "cuts" in its budget for job and inter-Korean cooperation. The South Korean party cut the budget for inter-Korean economic cooperation by 100 billion won, including 600 billion won in employment success packages, youth promotion benefits, and general accounting and transfers of funds for  토토사이트 inter-Korean cooperation, while reducing the number of civil servants. "The government will come up with measures to improve the birth support system, such as expanding child benefits, encouraging childbirth and increasing ovarian treatment to overcome low birth rates," said floor leader Kim Sung-tae. 

The two parties reconfirmed the increase of children's allowances agreed by the Health and Welfare Committee, and decided to proceed with the government's plan to increase the portion of the local consumption tax from 11 percent to 15 percent. 

The size of the reduction has been disclosed to some extent, but the increase has not been made public. In the agreement, both parties agreed to expand the budget of the regional SOC and the size of the expansion is reportedly about 1.5 trillion won. The agreement to increase the SOC budget effectively allows lawmakers in local constituencies to make "page budget." 

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