government employees/ increase the number of employees

government employees/ increase the number of employees. Post budget seems to be tolerated/democracies, minor opposition parties, and the last criticism since the "Yagreement"/Progressive Act
Although the worst quasi-budget situation was blocked by the main opposition Minjoo Party of Korea and the Liberty Korea Party, which are the two largest parties in the National Assembly, excluding the minor opposition parties such as the Bareun Mirae Party and temporarily agreeing to pass next year's budget bill, it left a rift over reforming the electoral system. With the possibility of a collision between Sohn Hak-kyu and Chung Eui-dang`s chairman, and Lee Jeong-mi, chairman of the minor opposition party, are expected to quickly cool down even if the budget bill is passed. In particular,  바둑이사이트  controversy over the opposition party's failure to cooperate with minority opposition parties is expected to arise. In addition, at the beginning of the budget plan, the last option since the National Assembly Advancement Act took effect in 2014, was to accept or accept the linked proportional representation system demanded by a small number of opposition parties, and to work with the Korean party to handle the budget bill. The Democratic Party, which had been urgently required to pass the budget bill to create jobs and revitalize the economy, eventually decided to join hands with the Korean party. If the Democratic Party (129 members) and the Korean Party (112 lawmakers) are added together, the majority of them (150) will pass the decision-making vote, which will allow them to deal with the budget bill.

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